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Which version should I get?

MochiKit comes in two flavors: development and release.

The development version always has the most features, and the documentation/demos on the site follow the development version (give or take an hour or so). We recommend that you use the development version (and join the MochiKit mailing list!) when developing your applications. If you find any issues you should create a ticket at

Once you're ready to deploy, it's usually time to switch over to the release version of MochiKit, so that your environment is easy to reproduce. We'll be releasing new versions of MochiKit on a regular basis, as we update the production version of our applications regularly!

Release Version

MochiKit 1.4.2 (2008-11-27) is the most current release version:

Upgrade Notes: Several style functions were moved from MochiKit.DOM to the new MochiKit.Style module in version 1.4. The old API:s still exist for backwards compability but will eventually be removed in a future release (i.e. their use is now deprecated).

Development Version

The easiest way to get the very latest version of MochiKit is to create your own customized version:

MochiKit is developed in a public git repository. The very latest version of MochiKit is always available by checking out the master branch from the mochi/mochikit project on GitHub:

Here's how to do it from a command line (assuming git is installed, of course):