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MochiKit.Sortable - sortable with drag and drop lists


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MochiKit.Sortable add a new Sortable object to manipulate easily drag&drop in lists.



MochiKit.Sortable mainly contains the Sortable object offering facilities to manipulate a list and drag its items to reorder it. It can also be serialized for being send to server. It is ported from Scriptaculous.

API Reference

Objects defined


Observer for DragAndDrop object. You normally don't have to access this, only for customization purpose.

Available in MochiKit 1.4+

Sortable.create(element [, options]):

Create a new Sortable. Usually you'll call it with a UL element, but it can be customized with options to use something else.

You have the following options:

element element
tag 'li'
dropOnEmpty false
overlap 'vertical'
constraint 'vertical'
containment element
handle false
only false
hoverclass null
ghosting false
scroll false
scrollSensitivity 20
scrollSpeed 15
format /^[^_]*_(.*)$/
onChange MochiKit.Base.noop
onUpdate MochiKit.Base.noop
tree false
treeTag 'ul'
Name of the tag used to make the draggable elements. It matches all the childNodes of the Sortable element with this tag.
Class or array of classes used to filter the children, combined with the tag criteria.
Regular expression which serves as a match filter for serialization, on children' ids. For example, with the default value, you'll get ['1', '2', '3', '4'] with ids ['sort_1', 'sort_2', 'sort_3', 'sort_4'].
Callback called when an element moves between others in the Sortable. It's called for each movements, even if you don't release the mouse.
Callback called when the order changes in the Sortable. It's called only if the Sortable is modified, after you dropped an element.
Option for creating a Sortable tree. It's an experimental setting, that can be very slow even with a few elements. You can customize its behaviour with the treeTag option, that defines the node used to make branches in your tree (that contains leaves).

Other options are passed to the Draggables and Droppables objects created. Refer to MochiKit.DragAndDrop for more information.

A bug with Internet Explorer rendering engine can cause a problem with the default effect used on start (the symptom being that the rows vanish). If you encounter this problem, pass MochiKit.Base.noop as the starteffect option.

Available in MochiKit 1.4+


Destroy a previously created sortable. It prevents further use of the Sortable functionnality on the element, unless recreated.

Available in MochiKit 1.4+

Sortable.serialize(element [, options]):

Serialize the content of a Sortable. Useful to send this content through a XMLHTTPRequest. The options overrides the ones of the Sortable only for the serialization.

tag tag from the Sortable
only only from the Sortable
name id of the element
format format of the Sortable or /^[^_]*_(.*)$
Available in MochiKit 1.4+